Key Personnel

Cambridge University

Alexander Perry received his PhD and Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, England, in 1992. While with Rank Xerox Engineering Group and EuroPARC (now Xerox Research Centre Europe) in Cambridge, he twice received a Xerox Corporate Achievement Award for his pioneering work in user interface development and process simulation. After completing research to develop new techniques for precision electromagnetic characterization of superconductors, he joined Quantum Magnetics in 1992 to become the lead engineer in the development of several electromagnetic sensing and cryogenic control product lines that were being developed under contract.

IEEE member

Dr Perry is a senior member of the IEEE. He provides technical assistance with real time signal processing and electronic instrumentation. He has published in various peer reviewed journals and through conference presentations.

Linux Certified Administrator

He is certified as an administrator for Linux and GNU systems. He applies the real-time and microcontroller extensions, which allow standard Linux tools to target embedded systems, where their flexibility and configurability are most needed.

Debian GNU/Linux

He uses Debian's GNU/Linux because the Project's development model provides effective mechanisms to deliver a high quality product while mitigating risks for the business user. It can, for example, be deployed on small platforms such as a SOHO gateway.  He contributes to a variety of open source projects, maintains a snapshot of the pegg archive and is generally interested in LTSP.

Drawing on his signal processing background, he designed custom electronics and software for MRI, NMR and NQR applications ranging from industrial process control to humanitarian de-mining. At Quantum Magnetics, he ensured that electromagnetic tensor gradiometry could launch new products in non-destructive evaluation and concealed weapon detection in public buildings.  He launched CanDetect to assist with open source electro-magnetic inspection.

Aviation Safety

He holds commercial pilot, instrument airplane and advanced ground instructor certificates. He promotes aviation safety, assists with the FlightGear Flight Simulator (some photos) and maintains the GainSafety website.

List of selected publications.